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We provide our customers with a basket of world class brands

Celine Group Is the Great Supply Group

The Great Supply has an extremely diverse portfolio of chemically orientated activities aimed at various industries and markets throughout the Middle East region as well neighbouring countries. Our markets include pharmaceutical industry, food industry, mining industry, chemical industry, stationary, detergent as well as supporting equipment and raw materials., Fragrance sales, Contract Packing, Industrial Cleaning and Toll.Although not focused on one division of chemical supply, the organization has been able to create sustainable growth through diversity. Unique services in the form of our “one stop” Small Packs division and the ability to manage customer specific needs ensures that we are always able to provide solutions.

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About Us

CELINE Group was established in 2011 in Amman, Jordan, with the objective of help all clients starting new business project from empty land to product launch. The scope of Celine  we provide includes the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, mining industry, chemical industry, stationary, detergent as well as supporting equipment and raw materials.

The company’s forte is provides clients with technical expertise to execute and manage their projects work flow in a high efficient and professional manner.
Our core is "goal and soul", we use our unique working methods to solve project problems for customers with our heart, and provide customers with solutions from a long-term development perspective, with the goal of meeting customers' future needs.

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Sales Force

Celine Group strength lies with highly skilled, channel specific sales force that consistently deliver excellence at Point of Purchase. Our dedicated strategic business units provide focus to each portfolio of brands. We invest heavily in training and development to ensure continuous upgrading of skills & capabilities of our people.

Customer Service

Celine Group large fleet ensures appropriate servicing of all channels. Customer service is a top priority for our group and we pride ourselves for being rated ‘Best-in-class’ by our customers.

Market Execution

Whether it is distribution, quality of presence, execution of activities, speed to market or category management, Celine Group flawlessly executes winning strategies translating in store, the brand objectives and channel needs. A well trained merchandising team ensures the right visibility and share of shelf across all channels.


We provide our customers with a basket of world class brands.

Our Mission

To earn our customers' trust by providing valuable, innovative information technology solutions and services. To earn our employees' trust by providing an ethical, challenging and growth oriented workplace.


We Celine Group supply chain team. We will provide best in class services that are innovative and strategically focused to the System and the communities we serve. We will accomplish our goals in a responsive and cost effective manner to ensure ongoing viability and success of our supply chain mission.


In alignment with the values of the Celine Group, the Celine team members will perform our duties with integrity and respect. We will focus our efforts on teamwork and creativity in the pursuit of operational excellence.


Simpler processes. Better efficiency. You can’t start to improve your operations until you can see them. Until you get a complete and holistic view that spans departments, facilities and regions.

World Class Brands

A wide portfolio of strong brands results in Celine Group being able to deliver significant value to our customers. We look to build a win-win relationship with our customers by understanding needs and alignment of objectives.

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